Dear friends of the ESHA Biennial Conference, we hope that this message finds you all healthy and safe. After careful consideration of all the parameters regarding outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and following discussions we had with epidemiologists and the ESHA board members, we have decided to postpone the ESHA 2020 Conference to new dates. The new dates are: 18-21 May 2022.

Initially we scheduled the conference to take place in October 2020. However, during the first wave of the pandemic we decided to move the dates in October 2021 and now, taking into consideration the ongoing reality of a second wave, we decided to postpone the dates in May 2022.

The various restrictions set by health authorities and local governments, the possibility of another outbreak during the next months and – above all – the values of health, safety and security of all participants were the main reasons behind our decision.

We are pleased to inform you that all arrangements have been made so that the conference is transferred for 2022. 


For those who have already registered at the Conference, the registration is automatically transferred and applies for the ESHA 2022 Conference. A letter of confirmation will be sent from the Conference Secretariat office as well.

Hotel Accommodation

For those who have already booked and paid for their hotel accommodation via the Conference website, their booking is automatically transferred and confirmed for the respective dates in May 2022. Accommodation bookings will be adjusted based on the exact dates of stay of each participant. The Conference website will be updated and frequent updates will be posted to keep you up to date. The Conference Secretariat will contact all who have registered and/or booked hotel accommodation in order to update them individually on the status of their registration/booking and to send them the respective letter of confirmation.

For any inquiries feel free to contact the Conference Secretariat Office who will be happy to assist you and answer to any questions you may have.

Constantinos Michael, PhD
Conference Host


Welcome to the official website of ESHA Biennial Conference 2020, which will this year be held in Limassol, Cyprus on October 21st to 24th 2020. The Conference starts with the General Assembly on 21st and study visits will follow on 22nd of October. Presentations and workshops will take place on 23rd and 24th of October 2020 (Friday and Saturday).

The Cyprus Primary School Headteachers are honoured to host the ESHA Biennial Conference 2020 and we would like to express our warm thanks to the ESHA General Assembly, for entrusting this important event to our Association for the second time, after 2010.

Bearing in mind the crucial role that School Leadership has to play in the contemporary social, political, economic and cultural scene, we propose a challenging topic that invites experiences, knowledge and ideas from both academics and practitioners worldwide: “School leadership in 2020+: trends and challenges for quality and inclusion”.

In addition to the two-day conference (23-24/10/2020, Friday and Saturday), we recommend all participants seize the opportunity to enrich their experience in Cyprus through study-visits at schools and site-visits, which will take place before the conference, on the 22nd of October 2020.

The Republic of Cyprus has been an EU member since 2004. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia with 1.17 million inhabitants (2016). The island is located at the crossroad of the Mediterranean Sea routes linking three parts of the world—Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus is well-known for its rich sunshine with more than 300 days of sunlight annually and has one of the world’s oldest civilisations going back 10.000 years.

Looking forward to share ideas for new practices, and contribute to the discussions about ‘trends and challenges’ and the role of leadership for quality and inclusion in education, we invite you to Cyprus!

On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee

Constantinos Michael, PhD
Conference Host