Dear delegate,

With great honor, for the second time after 2010, we host the ESHA (European School Heads’ Association) Biennial Conference in Cyprus with the ambition that it will demonstrate an exceptional opportunity to exchange, create and share ideas about leadership in practice!

Presenting our candidacy to host the biennial conference, at ESHA’s General Assembly (2018) in Tallinn, we proposed as theme for the next Conference:  “School Leadership 2020+: Trends & Challenges”, for quality in education and for schools that include. The conference was initially planned to take place in 2020 and after postponing twice the event, today we realize that quality and inclusion will always remain a challenge for school leadership.

The Conference takes place at a critical juncture in world’s history: humanity struggles to exit from covid-19 pandemic, climate change challenges our future, social exclusion and inequity of opportunities or resources appear in multiple ways, and a new catastrophic war unexpectedly appeared in Europe.

Academics, researchers, policy makers and representatives from organisations with interest in the fields of educational orientation, policy and leadership, from all over Europe will address the theme “School Leadership 2020+: Trends & Challenges”, promising a rich interactive exchange of ideas.

The Organising Committee of the Conference consists of Primary School Principals, who represented Cyprus in the General Assembly of ESHA in 2018 on behalf of the Pancyprian Organisation of Primary Greek Teachers (POED), in collaboration with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

We would like to express our warm thanks to the ESHA General Assembly, for entrusting this important event to Cyprus for the second time after 2010. Looking forward to share ideas that will challenge reflection for the role and mission of school leadership while promoting values, quality and inclusion, we welcome you to Cyprus!

Warm regards, on behalf of the Conference Organising Committee,