ESHA, the European School Heads Association, is a professional organization for European School Heads. Members of ESHA are national organizations for school heads and deputy school heads within (pre-) primary, secondary and vocational education. Nearly all European countries (both EU and non –EU) are represented within ESHA by one or more organizations.

ESHA is an international community in which experiences, visions and views between members are exchanged and in which new ideas are born. ESHA connects school leaders, researchers and policy makers with collective aim to learn from each other and improve education. 
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Aims for ESHA 

ESHA aims to  meet and bring together the best of European school leadership – as an association of associations the clearest aim is “to identify, share and promote best practice in school leadership”

  • Discussing and developing views within the ESHA membership on innovative education and on school leadership;
  • Promoting these views on the European level;
  • Influencing the policy of the European institutions (commission, parliament);
  • Promoting international exchange and cooperation;
  • Supporting the member organisations to play their role on the national level; and
  • Emphasizing the particular role of the school head and promoting conditions that improve the quality of school leadership.

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Pancyprian Organization of Greek Primary Teachers (POED)
The Pancyprian Organization of Greek Teachers has as its eternal goal to work both for the defense and promotion of the Education of the place, as well as for the safeguarding of the employment and other rights and interests of its members. Necessary conditions for this course to continue are unity, mutual support and collectivity. Only in this way will we continue the multidimensional work of the Organization with dynamism, seriousness and responsibility.
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The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI)
The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute is a department of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth. 

The vision of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute is the continuous professional learning of the teachers at all levels as well as the substantial contribution to the planning and implementation of educational policy, taking into consideration the literature and research and the priorities set by the Ministry of Education and Culture,  in order to improve the quality of the educational system.

The mission of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute is the design and implementation of continuous professional  learning  of teachers at all levels, the setting of framework for the teacher competences and the promotion of horizontal issues of educational priority, improving the content and effectiveness of the education provided in accordance with the wider international, European and local context.

The CPI assures professional development of teachers of all levels through several programmes, seminars and activities;

  • It is responsible for educational research and evaluation studies in the educational system;
  • It follows and adapts current trends in pedagogy;
  • It promotes new technologies in education;
  • It is responsible for the writing and publication of teaching books, the designing of the curricula and the production of teaching materials.

The CPI runs a number of professional development programs every year, including large scale centralized trainings and school-based programs ( It has developed structures and processes that allow the effective implementation of its programs in collaboration with the departments of the Ministry, the teacher unions and other stakeholders. At the same time, the CPI develops online environments, digital tools and content in order to support the teachers and their professional development. The CPI contributes in policy recommendations for the Ministry. Through research and field work, as well as representation in working and expert groups in the European Commission, the CPI keeps informed on the current trends in education.